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Join The Heritage Campaign

Honoring the Past | Building the Future

The Heritage Campaign builds on the proud traditions of the Yavapai Nation. Calling on the strength of our past and the resolve of the present, this fundraising campaign is designed to help build a strong, prosperous future for our tribe, and all individual members.

The Yavapai Indian Foundation’s objectives, detailed below, both honor our past and build a stable future for the generations to come.

Preservation of Yavapai Heritage & Culture
Health & Well-Being
Community Education & Training Programs
Senior Adult Care & Aging-In-Place Support

Support the Yavapai Indian Foundation

The goal of our Heritage Campaign is to preserve the legacy of our ancestors and create a strong foundation upon which our children, and their children, can build a better future. This is a call to action for all who will help pass our proud culture on to our descendents.

Let’s Build the Future Together

There are three ways you can help us meet our objectives. Commit to a recurring pledge each month, make a major donation, or become a corporate sponsor. You can also volunteer.

Help us Fulfill the Yavapai Promise

A recurring monthly pledge, large or small, will help us to sustain our programs and create a productive, dynamic future for our community.

Make a Major Donation

Major donations can have a major impact on our foundation and our community. There are seven donation levels.

  • Yavapai – $250,000+
  • Seventh Generation – $100,000
  • Heritage Level – $50,000
  • Cultural Level – $25,000
  • Community Level – $10,000
  • Sustainability Level – $5,000
  • FMYN Family – $1,000

Donate Online Or you can mail your donation, together with our downloadable donation form to: Yavapai Indian Foundation, PO Box 18910, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269.

Please remember that all donations are tax deductible. The Yavapai Indian Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax id # 26-1472753.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us. If you would like to speak to someone personally about making a significant donation, please call our treasurer Roddy Pilcher at 480-234-7524.