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Got a Ticket & a Traffic Fine? Now What?

Payments for traffic fines can be paid in person or mailed to the court. The court only accepts Money Orders or a Bank Cashier’s check. If you want to request a payment plan or payment extension please see our FAQs page.

Rights and Options

There are 2 (two) options to take care of your Civil Traffic ticket.

  1. You can request a civil trial if you’re contesting your citation.
  2. You can pay the fine in full.

You have a right to an attorney. However, our office does not have public defenders and you must hire the attorney and pay him/her out of your own pocket.

Fine/Sanction Table
Self Help for Traffic Cases

Contact the Court

If you have any other questions about traffic fines, please visit our FAQs page first. You may find your answer there before you have the need to contact us.