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Refugio Estrella

Officer of the Year

On March 20, 2013 the Fountain Hills Rotary Club held their Public Safety Appreciation event. They honor local first responders from the area, including Fort McDowell. This year the honored police officer from Fort McDowell was Officer Refugio Estrella.

Officer Estrella is a five year tenured officer here and a former Navy veteran.  Last year Officer Estrella solved a case and arrested a suspect from Fountain Hills who had committed a serious crime at the casino. Officer Estrella recognized a possible suspect vehicle, based on minimal original information, detained the driver and ultimately arrested him after a good interview.

Officer Estrella has a “nose for crime” and has arrested several subjects after making traffic stops and detecting the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the car. Officer Estrella has volunteered for traffic saturation patrols and has been a certified child carrier seat installer.

Officer Estrella also keeps an eye out in the community and has submitted several intelligence tips for on-going criminal matters. Presently Officer Estrella is working day shift; so if you see him out and about please offer him your congratulations!

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